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Yes, all configurations fit users with facial hair, glasses, and virtually of all sizes and shapes. No additional attachments are needed.

Yes. The audio quality is optimum with the Cuff configurations.

MAXAIR’S noise level specifications are lower than conventional PAPRs; the average decibel level is 62 db.

Yes. After decontamination and replacement of the comfort strips, MAXAIR is ready for the next user.

Quaternary Ammonia, Bleach, or Alcohol based wipes.

No. All MAXAIR Systems are positive pressure devices that supply 6 to 9 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of airflow. OSHA does not require fit testing for positive pressure respirators as MAXAIR. OSHA does require annual fit testing on negative pressure respirators as N95s.

However, OSHA does require all respirator users to complete a medical evaluation questionnaire before using any respirator and to undergo annual retraining on respirators used.

  • Infection Prevention and Control: SARS, Anthrax, TB, H5N1 – Bird Flu, Treating Respiratory Diseases
  • Emergency Preparedness (Disaster Planning)
  • Bronchoscopy
    Since this procedure is not done in a sterile environment, we recommend the Hood or Shroud system configuration. The hood/shroud must be disposed of immediately after the procedure according to hospital decontamination protocols.
  • Emergency Department
  • Laboratory/Research
  • Pathology

Yes, the NIOSH approval numbers for the different configurations are 21C-0772, 21C-0806, 21C-0803, and 21C-0851.

There are three primary configurations to choose from:

  • The 710-DLC CAPR System – This configuration is characterized by the unique DLC, Disposable Lens-Cuff, and full face cover. The system maintains all the primary characteristics and benefits of the 2000-700 and -800 systems. This system is designed to optimize safety and cost effectiveness particularly for routine daily use in health care.
  • The 2000-700 Filter Cover Systems - These configurations are characterized by a “hard shell-cap” with integrated lens which protects and extends the useful life of the HE Filter, and provides unprecedented de-contamination ease. It also provides the easiest change-over from a “Cuff” configuration to a “Hood”-style (Shroud) configuration, and vice-versa.
  • The 2000-800 Hood System – This configuration is categorized as a “loose fitting hood” (with a neck tie) providing head, face, and neck protection. The hood includes an integrated HE filter and a Pre-Filter.

MAXAIR and MAXAIR CAPR Systems are Computerized Controlled Air Purifying Respirators that are setting standards for the future of respiratory and contact protection. They provide health care professionals an unprecedented level of safety, comfort, convenience, and cost effectiveness in protecting them against harmful aerosolized particulates.

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