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Morris Garcia

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Polycarbonate and PETG (DLC).

Cuffs: Barrier Material and polyurethane/polypropylene.
Shrouds: White portions are polypropylene; Blue portions are polypropylene/polyurethane/polyethylene.

A 5-Charger Rack kit, 2610-05K is planned for availability Q4 2010 as an accessory kit. It will accept 1 to 5 single charging units.

Yes, a belt is supplied with all systems. It will prevent the scrubs from being pulled down by the battery. The smaller, light weight 2000-36 battery is compact enough to be placed in a scrub pocket, and the battery belt may not be needed.

Check with your Bio-Hazard / Bio-Engineering or Safety department for existing hospital protocol and procedures for charging batteries.

Upon initial purchase, the battery is delivered and can be stored “as is” (at about 50% of full charge) and will provide 4-5 hours of use without being charged. Thereafter, we recommend you recharge the battery at least annually or bi-annually. (See User Instructions included with each System shipment for details about intermittent use and long term storage.)

Do not leave the battery on the charger continuously for more than 4 weeks at a time.

The 2000-36 Lithium-Ion battery takes approximately 4-6 hours to completely re-charge; the 2000-30 requires approximately 6-8 hours for a complete recharge.

The battery can be recharged between 450-500 times (also known as “cycles”). A cycle is defined as a complete discharge and recharge.

The 2000-36 Lithium-Ion battery is the primary battery included in system configurations. It provides 8-10 hours of continuous use per charge, ideal in a low particulate filter loading environment as a Hospital. This battery is small and lightweight enough that it may be conveniently placed in a scrub pocket as an option to wearing with the included battery belt.

The 2000-30 Lithium-Ion battery is optional for all systems; it provides 16-20 hours continuous use per charge.

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