2009 New respirator timely for current influenza attacks and economic pressures

Irvine CA, June 5, 2009  –  Bio-Medical Devices Intl (BMDI) today announced they will release their new MAXAIR 710-DLC Computerized Air Purifying Respirator (CAPR) at the 2009 APIC exhibition in Ft. Lauderdale, FL the week of June 7, 2009.

The 710-DLC CAPR provides a combination of high protection performance, user comfort, convenience, and economic cost effectiveness unprecedented in the respirator industry.

This latest evolution of the patented hose-free MAXAIR Systems design is targeted specifically for routine infection prevention in hospitals and long term care units.

According to BMDI Marketing Director Allan Schultz, “The DLC System represents the culmination of the last several years of market input. Customers have accepted our current MAXAIR 2000-700 System as the preferred respirator for emergency preparedness, ED, and a growing amount of routine use on the med/surg units.”

“However, there continues to be some concern that it can actually be price competitive to the use of N95 mask respirators. The 710-DLC is a more obvious answer to that question.”

The key ingredient of the new MAXAIR System is the DLC itself, a unique Disposable Lens-Cuff. When compared to an N95 mask respirator and goggles, it is easier to don and doff and provides inherently greater protection. It is price competitive with the N95 mask plus goggles that the health care professionals need to wear for minimum protection when caring for isolation patients with TB, various influenzas, etc.

According to Wang, “When the full cost impact of N95 Fit Testing and the management issues associated with staff that cannot be fit tested are considered, cost analyses demonstrate that the 710-DLC System can be implemented at lower cost that a N95 program. The new MAXAIR 710-DLC System works for all employees without the costly required fit testing. It will provide superior protection for everyone.”

The release of the 710-DLC at the 2009 Association of Professionals of Infection Control Exhibition is in support of APIC’s mission to improve health and patient safety by reducing risks of infection and other  adverse outcomes, and their taking a lead role in helping fight the current H1N1 Influenza outbreak.

APIC’s more than 12,000 members focus on infection prevention to save lives and improve cost effectiveness for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They are focused on providing education and practical tools to support and further the efforts of infection prevention professionals everywhere.  “We believe they will find the 710-DLC to be Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) of fundamental benefit to their efforts” Wang concluded.

For more information, contact Corey R. Wick, Marketing Manager, BMDI, 800-443-3842, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The MAXAIR 710-DLC CAPR provides unprecedented comfort, convenience, ease-of-use, and simple maintenance for a powered air purifying respirator. It provides a higher level of safety and cost effectiveness than an N95 Mask Respirator program.
BMDI is a recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of personal respiratory safety products for various environments in healthcare, pharmaceutical manufacturing, bio-research labs and industrial markets. Bio-Medical Devices, Inc has its corporate headquarters in Irvine, California.

All Bio-Medical Devices products are audited and certified to meet the rigorous standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations (GMP), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and all manufacturing is ISO Certified, 13485 ver 2003.

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