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2005 Bio-Medical Devices International Launches MAXAIR® Personal Respiratory Protection System

NO FIT TESTING – In addition to providing superior protection compared to traditional N95 face masks, the MAXAIR system also eliminates the need for annual “fit testing” for workers.  Therefore, MAXAIR dramatically reduces lost productivity and expenses associated with these programs, potentially saving hospitals thousands of dollars annually.

Safety & Peace of Mind – LED indicators strategically located within the field of vision provide the user with critical information regarding airflow (filter efficiency) and battery life, so he/she can always be assured of proper protection.

MAXAIR Applications

The MAXAIR system is ideally suited for most healthcare and medical environments requiring respiratory and facial protection, including:

1.      Infection Control/Emergency Response Personnel – Quick to don and doff, MAXAIR’s simple-to-use design is perfect for fast-paced disease outbreak or infection control environments.  With its low cost, minimal training requirements and compact storage, MAXAIR is becoming the personal protective equipment (PPE) of choice for emergency medical service and infection control personnel.

MAXAIR is currently being used by numerous U.S. and Canadian governmental agencies, as well as within private research facilities, around the country for use in infection control environments.  Most recently, the system has been used to protect workers facing strains of SARS, drug-resistant tuberculosis, Aviana Influenza, Hantavirus and other communicable diseases flaring up around the globe.

2.      Pharmaceutical and Research Laboratories – The MAXAIR system, with its lightweight Lithium Ion battery, is specifically engineered to provide HE level protection from particulate matter.  The lightweight design and increased mobility allow users to sustain high productivity in their demanding schedules.

3.      Forensics/Pathology – The lightweight MAXAIR system provides much needed comfort for the user in both the field and clinical environments.  While providing the necessary protection to the user, it also helps reduce the potential for cross-contamination of crime scene investigations.

About Bio-Medical Devices International Inc.

Bio-Medical Devices International Inc. was founded in 1991 and began developing and manufacturing respiratory and surgical products to meet the distinct needs of the healthcare and medical markets.  BMDI develops and manufactures its products from facilities located in Irvine, Calif., Chino, Calif., and Tijuana, Mexico. For more information about BMDI, call (800) 44-DEVICE (443-3842) or visit