How do we change out the comfort strips on the head band?

The Velcro backed foam strips are for comfort and hygiene on MAXAIR Systems.

Replace the comfort strips by simply pulling off the used ones and pressing on the new strips.

The 70 Series Helmets of the CAPR Systems, DLC-CAPR-36 and DLC-CAPR-30, utilize a removable front headband comfort strip. The rear headband has a "cleanable" closed-cell foam strip that does not need routine replacement.

The 60 Series Helmets of the 78SP-36 and 78SP30 Systems, and the 20 Series Helmets of the 300TS-36 and 300TS-30 Systems, have a full length comfort strip on the front headband and a one-half length comfort strip on the rear head-band.

Cut one full-length comfort strip in half with a pair of scissors to obtain the half-length comfort strips.

One 2000-201 Box contains 36 Comfort Strips, sufficient for 36 changes for the 70 Series Helmets, and 24 changes for the 60 Series and 20 Series Helmets.

S5 Box


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