What is the proper configuration for Infection Control in hospitals?

Most users prefer to use the Cuff system configuration for Infection Control in patient care areas because it more conveniently accommodates stethoscope use. Two choices for cuff configurations are available.

The 710-DLC CAPR is optimized for daily routine use. The unique DLC (Disposable Lens-Cuff) combines a full face coverage lens and a face-seal cuff into one convenient single piece, low cost disposable. This is an extremely easy and fast snap-on/snap-off disposable, cost competitive with an N95 Mask plus goggles. It provides full visibility and safety protection for the user and full face visibility to the patient for optimum communication.

The 2000-700 Cuff offers an alternative cuff design that is also disposable and is used with a separate lens integrated with a top Filter Cover. The Filter Cover-Lens greatly extends the useful life of the HE Filter, and can be decontaminated and reused indefinitely.

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