What do the Safety Status LEDs indicate?

The Safety LEDs are uniquely always on and visible in the peripheral vision of the user. They allow the user to maintain complete focus on patient care, and automatically alert the user when it is time to exit the environment and re-charge or change out the battery, and/or change the filter.

The yellow LED indicates a low airflow condition. If it becomes lighted during use it indicates that the system is nearing a point when it won’t be able to maintain desired air flow and it is time to check the filter to see if replacement is necessary.

The three green LEDs together with the red LED provide the user general progress status of the battery charge level. Three green lit LEDs indicate approximately 75%-100% charge remaining, two green lit LEDs indicate approximately 50%-75% charge remaining, one green lit LED indicates approximately 25%-50% charge remaining – if not before, at this condition the user should be planning on recharging the battery or replacing it at the next opportunity. No green lighted LEDs and a red lighted LED indicates 0%-25% charge remaining and that it is urgent that the user replace or recharge the battery as soon as possible.

If both red and yellow LED’s are lit, both battery and filter need to be checked for change out.

In the Infection Control environment, the yellow LED should rarely illuminate because it is not a “heavy particulate loading” environment as compared to industrial applications.

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