What system configurations are available?

There are three primary configurations to choose from:

  • The 710-DLC CAPR System – This configuration is characterized by the unique DLC, Disposable Lens-Cuff, and full face cover. The system maintains all the primary characteristics and benefits of the 2000-700 and -800 systems. This system is designed to optimize safety and cost effectiveness particularly for routine daily use in health care.
  • The 2000-700 Filter Cover Systems - These configurations are characterized by a “hard shell-cap” with integrated lens which protects and extends the useful life of the HE Filter, and provides unprecedented de-contamination ease. It also provides the easiest change-over from a “Cuff” configuration to a “Hood”-style (Shroud) configuration, and vice-versa.
  • The 2000-800 Hood System – This configuration is categorized as a “loose fitting hood” (with a neck tie) providing head, face, and neck protection. The hood includes an integrated HE filter and a Pre-Filter.

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