Citrus Memorial Hospital

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My name is Anesia Carter and I am currently the Employee Health Nurse for Citrus Memorial Hospital.  We are a 198-Bed Hospital, with about 1400 employees.  I have been at the hospital for 16 years and since 2007 I have been the Employee Health Nurse.  As soon as I came on board, it was decided by OSHA, employees would need to be fitted annually with the N95 mask.a_carter_inside

From the moment I stepped into this position, I had a big job trying to figure out how to get these employees fitted and finding masks to fit them.

At the time, we only had one type of N95, which was the 1860 (3M 1860 N95) in small and medium and of course not everyone could fit into those.  I did introduce the 1870 (3M 1870 N95) and not everyone fits into those. I ended up with another type of mask, called the 3000 and by this time had 3 types of masks.  It was taking 45 minutes to find a correct fitting mask and that was not conducive for anybody.

By my second year, I hired an outside company, but it was very time consuming and costly.

I actually had some help during my third year, which meant they had to get certified.  The certification process is very time consuming on its own and sometimes you feel like you are better off just doing it yourself.  Around this time I was introduced to a PAPR supplier, but I just wasn’t happy with them and neither was the Director of Human Resources or the Chief Nursing Officer. We eventually put the PAPR aside.

When MAXAIR contacted me concerning the 710-DLC CAPR® this year. I was immediately excited and will tell you why.

The MAXAIR representative came at the perfect time, without hesitation introducing herself and everybody to the CAPR. She toured the hospital with me and offered lots of feedback, providing the information we needed.

MAXAIR has been nothing but helpful and willing to go out of their way for me.  That alone, has made a positive impact on us. I must say, the previous person with the bulky PAPR system, did not accomplish a single request of ours.

Initially, some people kicked up their heels saying, “No.. no, no way,” but once they donned the MAXAIR CAPR, they realized this was a better solution. The simple fact that you have constant air circulating, a wider field of vision and it is lightweight, clearly makes a difference .... Read the entire Citrus Memorial Interview ..... complete the form below.

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